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tv   9 News Now at Noon  CBS  August 30, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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hello and thank you for joining us. i'm jc hayward. slow moving tropical storm isaac is spreading misery for residents living in the gulf coast. much of that misery is being felt in mississippi and southern louisiana. evacuations have been ordered
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as a dam threatens to break at park lake near the louisiana- mississippi border. a lot of respect denltsdzs lost their homes -- residents lost their homes, and that storm is dumping more rain on areas that are already under water. karen brown is in laplace, louisiana. >> reporter: a flash flood emergency has been declared in slidell outside of new orleans. 50 people had to be rescued from their flooded homes yesterday. today entire neighborhoods are being evacuated. storm surge is causing a bayou to overflow. up to 5 feet of flooding is expected. in plaquemines parish, plans were put on hold till saturday to cut holes in a levee that overflowed causing homes to flood to their rooftops. the holes would relieve the pressure and allow the water to drain back into the mississippi and nearby marshes. 30 miles west of new orleans in laplace, entire subdivisions were evacuated when isaac's flood waters rushed in.
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>> a nightmare. >> reporter: the sudden tidal surge caught many people off guard. >> woke up it was fine. next minute it was like all over the place. we lost everything. everything. >> reporter: for many the flooding came up in a pitch black darkness of a night without power. now that the sun is up, many families like the frasiers here are having to go back in by boat. more than 3,000 people were evacuated from this area alone. the frasier family is going back in to see what's left. >> that's all replaceable. that's all that matters. >> reporter: in new orleans, the rebuilt levee system held up but power was knocked out to most of the city. and many people won't have electricity for several more days. karen brown, cbs news, laplace, louisiana. howard is standing by now with more news on where the storm is and where it is headed. >> still dumping tremendous
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amounts of rain, especially mississippi, parts of louisiana. storm drifting toward the north. it will be in arkansas later tonight and tomorrow and eventually working its way north and then east. maybe a little rep significants of isaac -- remnants of isaac later in the weekend next week. you. there's a tornado watch in effect for mississippi and western alabama. the storm still spinning in the northeastern areas of louisiana. it has this gulf connection. look at the new storms forming down here. continues to feed in. very heavy rainfall. 20 inches give or take since the storm began here in mississippi and we've seen all sorts of flooding. isaac still a tropical storm with gusts to 60. it will be weakening as a depression as it moves north later today, overnight into tomorrow and eventually towards st. louis and indianapolis as we head towards sunday. some of this moisture with the front coming toward us could come together and bring us an increasing chance of thunderstorms late in the weekend into labor day. that means at the beach as
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well. our own scott brooms that been tracking the storm. he's in mississippi. big problems down there. >> reporter: it's a huge problem here in moss point. you just mentioned pascagoula. that's about five miles away from you talking on my mobile newsroom camera. moss point is where the -- one of the rivers coming in from inland is coming down into the neighborhoods. so this isn't tidal surge anymore. this is the secondary effects of all this with the flooding. the river is now bringing a huge amount of inland water. you just mentioned that 20 inches into towns like moss point, pascagoula, and i imagine on the alabama side over in mobile as well, although we seem to be right here in an area where the storms have been training. there have been a number of tornado warnings here as well. so half of this town of moss point is now under a mandatory evacuation order. the national guard is here and
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local firefighters are here with their larger trucks and boats. and they've gone in and got about 200 people so far since about 6:00 this morning. everybody felt the tropical storm come through. then it kept raining. then it rained some more. everybody thought it was okay. they wake up this morning 6:00. all of a sudden the 911 phone starts ringing. hundreds and hundreds of people are going to have to be evacuated from the back streets of this town. hundreds have already been evacuated and there's a lot more water coming from inland places upstream of these rivers. the fire department chief i talked to here today said he thinks this isn't going to be a six or eight-hour thing. he thinks this is going to last a couple of days. howard, i'm listening to you on my phone. >> great job you've been doing out there. i know it's not an easy thing. moss point, pascagoula, one of many, many communities that will be suffering for days if not weeks from the effects of isaac. back to you. >> thank you. the impact of isaac is
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causing gasoline prices to rise. prosecutors say that was not the complete story for two gas station owners in mississippi. two men were arrested and charged with price gouging. prosecutors say that they were charging customers 17 cents above their profit margin. the mississippi attorney general says price gouging during a disaster is prohibited and that includes gasoline, water and other items. isaac has shut down refineries causing the price of gasoline to jump nearly 5 cents a gallon to a national average of $3.80 a gallon. prices are expected to get higher throughout the labor day weekend. analysts say, however, their prices will drop again once the summer driving season ends and refiners switch to a cheaper winter blend of gasoline. for the second straight day, a tractor-trailer truck has overturned in northern virginia. this accident today happened on the dulles greenway toll row in
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loudoun county around 5:45 a.m. near shreevs mill road south of leesburg. all westbound lanes at exit 4 belmont ridge road are now closed. they will remain closed until at least 2:00 p.m. today. a medevac helicopter took the driver to a nearby hospital with serious but not life- threatening injuries. the driver of another tractor- trailer was killed yesterday in an accident that happened near newington. in about an hour, george hiewgley will -- huguely will learn how much longer he will be hindz bars for murdering -- behind bars for murdering his former girlfriend yeardley law. the chevy chase resident should spend 26 years behind bars according to a jury. but huguely's lawyers will be asking for significantly less time. they want only 14 years. judges typically heed the jury's recommendation. love and huguely had a volatile
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relationship. it ended when he beat her to death in her charlottesville apartment after a day of drinking. huguely is scheduled to be sentenced at 1:00 this afternoon and we'll have the latest developments from the courtroom on our website the free state is apparently a safer state because maryland governor martin o'malley has announced that the state's crime rate is the lowest that it has been in 32 years. overall the number of crimes in maryland dropped 4.6% between 2010 and 2011. murder is down more than 6%. rape is down 2.5%. and car thefts are down nearly 11%. the governor credited local, state and federal police forces for their work. coming up ahead on 9news now at noon, backpacks and books go flying when a hundred year old driver plows into a
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group of schoolchildren. >> reporter: i'm randall pinkston with the story of the republican convention coming up. president clinton: this election to me is about which... candidate is more likely to return us to full employment. this is a clear choice. the republican plan is to cut more taxes on upper-income... people and go back to deregulation. that's what got us in trouble in the first place. president obama has a plan to rebuild america from... the ground up, investing in innovation, education... and job training. it only works if there is a strong middle class. that's what happened when i was president. we need to keep going with his plan. president obama: i'm barack obama and... i approve this message.
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a 100-year-old driver who backed over a group of schoolchildren says his brakes failed. 11 people, including nine youngsters were injured. this happened on a sidewalk across from an elementary school in los angeles. >> acts like he's going to park.
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then pushed the car in reverse. it comes right on the sidewalk. we lift the car upand we started pulling all the kids out. >> the driver, 100-year-old preston carter cooperated with authorities and police say he made a mistake. drugs and alcohol were not a factor. fairfax county firefighters are helping students get ready for the new school year. they came together today to put together backpacks full of school supplies. and they were joined by volunteers at the fire rescue station in alexandria. over 2500 backpacks were being handed out this year. that's an increase of 500 over last year. school begins next tuesday in fairfax county. well, the spotlight turns on republican presidential candidate mitt romney tonight. he will accept his party's presidential nomination and he will deliver the most important
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speech of his campaign. romney's running mate paul ryan delivered an impassioned address last night. randall pinkston has more now from tampa. >> reporter: it's already billed as the most important speech of his life. when mitt romney steps up to accept the republican party's presidential nomination, he will be speaking to millions and selling himself as commander in chief. >> this is obviously an important speech. it's going to dot every i and crosser t personally and make sure it's a powerful speech that will communicate his vision for economic prosperity to the country. >> reporter: former florida governor jeb bush also speaks tonight. he says romney needs to lay out a compelling alternative to the current administration. >> i think most people know that we're in difficult times. what mitt romney now has the opportunity to do is to speak for a while about what it will be like when he's president and why he will be better. >> reporter: mitt romney will use his speech tonight to try to connect with voters and show that he understands their
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concerns. workers rebuilt the convention stage to bring him physically closer to delegates. wednesday night romney watched with his grandchildren as his running mate accepted the party's vice presidential nomination. congressman paul ryan used his speech to launch a scathing attack on president obama's policies. everything from health care reform to economic stimulus. >> the president is just throwing away money. and he's pretty experienced at that. >> reporter: romney's challenge will be to not only point blame at the current administration but to lay out his own ideas and convince the country that they will work. randall pinkston, cbs news, tampa, florida. senator marco rubio from florida is set to introduce mitt romney tonight. and there is a mystery guest on the program. so far convention planners are not talking about who this person is. howard has the forecast. >> jc, getting a little warm out here. we're going to make a run
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toward 90 this afternoon. humidity levels are still pretty accident. that's a good thing. -- pretty decent. that's a good thing. what's not decent is the allergy update. the grass and mold spores all moderate. labor day is coming up. lots to talk about. don't go away. president clinton: this election to me is about which...
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candidate is more likely to return us to full employment. this is a clear choice. the republican plan is to cut more taxes on upper-income... people and go back to deregulation. that's what got us in trouble in the first place. president obama has a plan to rebuild america from... the ground up, investing in innovation, education... and job training. it only works if there is a strong middle class. that's what happened when i was president. we need to keep going with his plan. president obama: i'm barack obama and... i approve this message.
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absolutely beautiful. it is mission accomplished for nasa. after two failed attempts earlier this week, the space agency successfully launched twin satellites into orbit from cape canaveral. an unmanned rocket telling the two probes blasted off just after 4:00 a.m. the satellites will study the earth's radiation belt. i love seeing that. >> this was a great one to watch. i watched it live this morning. a friend of -- if you're a friend of mine on facebook, a posted a link on facebook of the arc on it. it's a great picture. we have a nice day going on but getting a little warm. a little too warm to be standing on the weather terrace in a black suit. if you're going to be out in shorts and short sleeves, you'll enjoy the day because humidity levels are still at a
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nice low level. they'll creep up the next few days. looking at the day planner thanks, we're on our way to 90 i think. i forecast a high of 89. but if we got to 91, 92, would not surprise me at all. 88 at 3:00. somewhere 3:00, 4:00 probably will get to that 89, 90. winds won't be much of a factor today, out of the south at 5 miles an hour. you have plans this evening, no issues whatsoever. sunshine, 83 at 7:00. 79 at 9:00. we'll be down in the lower 70s by friday morning. but we've got a hot day ahead tomorrow. this morning into the lunch hour, you see a few clouds down to our south and east. otherwise it's nice and quiet and sunny and warming up after a beautiful morning where we had mid-50s in western maryland. we had some upper 50s from frederick and the shenandoah valley. we got down to 69 at national. 70 at dulles. even annual drews got down to -- andrews got down to a gorgeous 62. 82 on the bay in annapolis and cambridge. 81 gaithersburg. still a few 70s in leesburg,
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manassas. reagan national, that's the hot spot right now. as you look outside on our michael & son weather camera. just a few fair weather clouds. otherwise a nice looking afternoon. 85, mostly sunny with light, northeasterly winds. look at the humidity. only 40% out there. that's why even though it's kind of warm, we can deal with this. they're dealing with a terrible situation in many hours. you saw the stories at the top of the newscast what's going on with isaac. not as organized as it was as it's slowly weakening. look at the bands of moisture feeding into it here. the eastern gulf, coming into florida, georgia and alabama. some of these storms have been on the should veer side -- on the severe side with tornadoes causing even more damage. around here high pressure is in control. that will be the case tonight and tomorrow. tomorrow we're going to shoot to like 95. then over the weekend a little bit of isaac's moisture starts to work its way toward us with an approaching cold front. thunderstorm chances will be going up. today 89. tonight some 60s still in the suburbs but low 70s in town. mid-90s on friday.
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eight going to be a hot one tomorrow. low 90s saturday. we'll see more clouds and maybe even a little more than i'm showing with a chance for a storm mainly west of town. by sunday a couple of storms in the afternoon and evening. 85. then potentially as we head into monday, we're looking at a better chance for a few storms for labor day unfortunately with a high again in the middle 80s. it is thursday at noon. that means it is time for petline 9. this is sherry from lab rescue. this is a beautiful chocolate lab, 4-year-old puppy. hello. he's food motivated like many animals and my wife. tell me about guiness. >> guiness is a 4-year-old chocolate lab. he was given up to lab rescue because the family no longer had time for him. he has had some training. he's good. he's good with kids. he's good with other dogs. and as you can tell, the chocolates stay puppies for quite some time. he does focus. >> sit. good boy. >> there you go.
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>> he's a good boy. >> but energetic. not a small dog either. you need a yard. he has to be taken out and walked, exercised. a precious dog nonetheless. >> very sweet. doesn't have a mean bone in him. he loves to be loved on. >> yes, he does. yes, he does. how can people get in touch with you? >> they can get in touch with us through our website lab- we're having annual adoption event on september 13 in fairfax. directions and times are on the website. we're also having lab rescue annual picnic that's going to be on september 9 up in baltimore at a beautiful place called coisters. you're invited to that today and you can bring your dog. the more the merrier. >> go to and click on the petline site. we have all the information for lab rescue and other shelters there. good boy. we'll be back with more 9news
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now going into the kitchen right after this.
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it's time for those back to school lunches and snack packs. my special guest today, danielle omar wants your kids to make a switch from those sugary filled breakfast and lunches to something that's healthy and is also tasty. so she's brought some items. she's a registered dietician. she knows what she's talking about and it's not that difficult. >> it's really not that difficult but there are so many
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options out there for parents for breakfast and for snacks. it can get overwhelming. it can get a little complicated and it doesn't have to be at all. >> you talk about the abcs of eating. >> we're going to look at the abcs of back to school nutrition. so starting with breakfast. what i love to recommend to my parents that i work with is start out with something -- a good substitute for cereal are these whole grains. they are low sugar. they're low in fat and they contain five whole grains which wouldn't you love to have your child start the day with five whole griens. >> and they're tasty. >> they're delicious in kid friendly flavors. we have the greek crow guard par fay with berries -- par fay -- parfait with berries and strawberries. we have these. my daughter loves these with bananas and milk. easiened ready to go. this lunchable type lunch has over 30 grams of sugar. it's not good. >> it's easy for parents to
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grab it but don't get it. it's filled with sugar. >> that's right. this is a mom made lunch. what i would call a mom made lunch. you have an egg salad sandwich, cheese, bananas, low fat milk. and this is how much sugar in that one. these are some snacks. this fruit snack has as much sugar as this entire lunchable. terrible choice. give your child a whole fruit, an apple. give them whole foods. carrots with humus, celery. i made trail mix using the whole grains, using nuts and seeds. peanut butter and apple. then of course the greek yogurt with fruit again, pop corn. all easy natural options, uncomplicated. >> if you start your child eating healthy at a young age because we have a problem with child obesity in the united states, they'll keep that habit throughout their life. >> absolutely.
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>> danielle, it's beautiful. it looks tasty. remember, eat healthy. come back and visit us at 5:00. have a great day. ♪
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